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In 2019, the 2nd of the 1st became a reality.

It was February 4th on a cold Monday morning in Australia. I recall the glow of my Laptop blinding my weary eyes in the pitch black lounge room, the only sound, a single but repetitive Click... Click... Click... It was the Refresh button being pushed incessantly. I glanced at my Instagram feed, nothing... I let out a slow breath, but stopped short... It's Live!

1st Deck V2 Cards

Purchasing the V2 decks was a surreal but satisfying experience, unlike Chris Ramsay's original 1st Deck, this new edition was not a pre-order, there was no long delay with manufacturing, no uncertainty, just the knowledge that Chris had these decks printed and ready to go. No surprise then, when these sold-out within 13 hours, all 30,000 decks.

Fast forward a month later, the cards arrived, a big thanks to Chris for checking up on my 'somewhat large' order and organising FedEx to deliver these magnificent creations.

CR 1st Deck V2

These cards are a perfect companion to the Original 1st deck, the matt black tuck finish and wrap around gold foil band is strikingly simple but luxurious. The Chris Ramsay logo is visible as you lift the lid of the tuck to peer inside and fold back the cover, revealing the 1st pattern stamped as an inner print of the case in gold foil.

The back card design is beautiful, surrounded in a gold foil border with the 1st pattern pushed to the edge of each card, this makes for an elegant spread... But then there is the inner pattern. Not all cards are the same... is there a hidden marking system?

1st Deck V2 by Chris Ramsay

The Courts feature customised gold and brown colouring which work great with the overall theme of the cards. Two identical jokers and the Ace of Spades feature golf foil on the inside of the cards, a nice touch. Also included is a special card featuring a coiled serpent.

This deck is a homage to Chris Ramsay and his desire to branch out solo in the card community. This being his 2nd solo-release deck, it has gathered worldwide acclaim, but the question than surfaces... "What's next?" ... I know for sure I'll be there at 3am regardless.
Chris Ramsay v2 Review

Collector Statistics: 30,000 decks, Printed by The United States Playing Card Company in 2019, produced by Chris Ramsay (Canadian Magician).

Review Author - Josh Boyle
Buyworthy Manager, Collector
Australia, 2-March-2019

  • George on

    Totally agree. The the feel and quality of the deck is fantastic. Chris sure has an eye for design and the 1st V2 is a beautiful and welcome addition to my collection. Now with all that I like about this deck there is 1 small detail that I would have done just a little different. The 1st gold stamped logo on the back if the cards gets a little lost with the darker back design (The lighter design of the V1’s is a lot more forgiving and makes the 1st gold stamp pop) A small gripe but nothing that will stop me getting the V3’s

  • Stuart McCann on

    Nice review Josh, I like the teaser about the back design 🤔🤫 I’ll be keen to read your future reviews 👏👏

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