CardCutz Tokens Are Here!

Introducing our all new CardCutz Tokens. Collect the entire suit of tokens (total of 13) to claim your prize - over A$50 worth of cards displayed in an exclusive CardCutz box.

CardCutz Tokens

How it works:

1. Place an order with a sub-total equal to or greater than, A$30. For every A$30 spent (excluding shipping) a free token will be added to your order.

2. Your order will then be shipped with the appropriate amount of tokens.

3. All tokens will be randomly selected for each order.

4. In order for your prize to be claimed, the entire suit of tokens (Ace through King) must be collected.

5. Once all 13 tokens have been obtained complete the form below to redeem your prize.

All tokens must be kept in order claim your prize. We do not accommodate requests for replacement tokens.



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