Grid Playing Cards Series One Yellow 1st Edition Typography deck

Grid Playing Cards Series One Yellow 1st Edition Typography deck

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The first in a series of three designs by Luke Wadey (UK) has created this deck to encapsulate the characteristics behind the International Typographic Style, or 'Swiss Style' graphic design. Focusing on how each card can be displayed through text, but also making sure to have the fundamental values required for series card users, the design has been through a long process of testing and tweaking to find the right combination of style and substance.

The cards are design to be read from multiple angles, in multiple ways, which ever is easier the user. Combining two typefaces and making the the focal elements of the design ensures the cards are easy to read, but give a unique twist to the way we traditionally see playing cards set out.

Stock is Limited, grab a deck today before this 1st Edition i gone forever!

Condition Brand New & Sealed
Brand Luke Wadey Design
Manufacturer United States Playing Card Company, USA
Released 2017
Card Material Premium Paper Stock
Card Finish Linen, Air Cushion
Card Size Standard, Poker Size
Product Status In-Stock (Australia)
Collectors Info Out-of-Print

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