Anti-Fascist Mini Playing Cards by Vasily A. Vlasov during Siege of Leningrad

Anti-Fascist Mini Playing Cards by Vasily A. Vlasov during Siege of Leningrad

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The deck called "Anti-fascist" was designed Ьу Vasily Adrianovich Vlasov and manufactured at the Card Factory in severe conditions of the siege of Leningrad.
  • This is a MINI deck, a collectable set of cards printed in Russia for anyone interested in European history during WWII. 
V.A.Vlasov created this pack of cards literally at the cost of his life. At the end of 1941, the 7th department of counter-propaganda of the Leningrad's front offered him and some other famous artists to make sketches for agitation playing cards.
V.A.Vlasov's sketches were acknowledged the best and so he was entrusted with the design of the fearsome card weapon.

The famished and exhausted artist was trying to draw in his dim flat on Vasilyevsky Island. Eagerly catching every minute of dull winter days, Vasily Adrianovich, dressed in а coat, felt boots and а cap, made subtle strokes with watercolours on the cardboard.

King of spades - Hitler
King of clubs - Mussolini
King of Hearts - Mannerheim
King of diamonds - Horthy
Queen of spades - Death
Queen of clubs - Poverty
Queen of Hearts - Debauchery
Queen of diamonds - Hunger
Jack of spades - Ribbentrop
Jack of clubs - Goering
Jack of Hearts - Goebbels
Jack of diamonds - Himmler

Condition New
Artist Vasily Adrianovich Vlasov
Card Material Paper Card stock
Produced 2019
Card Size Mini Size
36 card deck
Product Status In-Stock (Australia)
Collectors Info Out-of-Print

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