Aurelian Roman Playing Cards deck in a Bottle Magic Collectors Gift

Aurelian Roman Playing Cards deck in a Bottle Magic Collectors Gift

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The glass bottle includes a Genuine Deck with all cards magically sealed inside by an Australian Master Craftsman, in pristine condition, perfect for anyone's collection.

"It's a full deck of cards, containing all original cards in their original order, placed inside a bottle with a neck too small to fit the deck. The bottle has not been altered in any way, or made around the bottle. The deck is not coming out, without breaking the bottle. Truly it is impossible!"

Our stock has been specially made and is extremely limited, this could be our last one!

Each courtier card has been draped in gold and fully re-worked to stand proudly with the powerful design. These faces have also been completely re-sculpted to create a timeless pip-arrangement, whilst still remaining recognisable for magic.

Exquisite detail meets historical significance. Aurelian’s custom ace is a symbol for the ‘Soldier-Emperor’. His reign, though short, was marked by bloody and glorious conquest. Gold-ink swords, whips and throwing spears drape themselves over the stunning spade. It’s the most important card in a deck, and it’s the only one with golden pips.

The Jokers are a homage to the Tally-Ho cowboys we’ve all come to love. The soldiers stand resolute, ready to defend an empire.. Or to overthrow one.

Condition New (Opened)
Brand Ellusionist
Manufacturer United States Playing Card Company, USA
Card Material Premium Paper Stock
Card Size Standard, Poker Size
Product Status In-Stock (Australia)
Collectors Info In-Print
Impossible Bottle, magically secured 'real' deck inside a glass bottle

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