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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kathy Stewart

Purchased these as a Christmas gift for my 12 yo. I’m sure he will be very happy. He is new to cardistry these will be perfect

Cool for beginners

If you are looking at getting into throwing tricks then these are the best cards.
More durable than regular cards and designed to fly better.

Excellent for Learning Cardistry

The Original Edition comes in a thin Plastic Card Stock with an Imitation Cushioned Finish, making them excellent for Long-Distance Spring and Fan Flourish Training. Their plastic nature also means that they bounce back to their original form without any "reverse bending" after putting them under pressure (eg: after a pressure fan)

They are very light, making it difficult for an Amateur like myself to predict where they are going to go with Aerial Tricks, but the fact that you can get some noise out of them if they are spinning fast enough encourages me to put more effort into getting extra spin out of each move. I feel like I have improved a heap since I got them... yesterday afternoon

For the 2nd Edition (thicker stock), each cutout is a little bit raised which means they will make more noise than their counterparts while spinning. This also means they like to clump together and are excellent for practicing packet cuts. These raised cutouts also means they do not fan very well and they have a habit of behaving oddly during springs - a packet might clump up and go flinging out the side for example.

They are noticibly heavier than a regular paper deck and you can certainly get some appreciable distance when throwing them.

I did notice with the Second Edition that some of the cutouts still had the plastic inside their holes and removing them was very difficult until I got home and was able to find my craft Scalpel.

For Cardistry: Original
For Throwing: Second Edition

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