Calaveras de Azúcar Playing Cards Blue Edition by Natalia Silva

Calaveras de Azúcar Playing Cards Blue Edition by Natalia Silva

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This deck depicts sugar skulls in various forms. The Court Cards depict the skulls with musical instruments, hats and flowers. The Jokers take a similar approach, although with a character all their own. Amazing skull designs are depicted on the card backs and on the case.

  • USPCC printed with Bicycle Card Stock and Air-Cushion Finish.
  • 100% Custom Artwork.
  • Custom Pips.
  • 52 custom playing cards, 2 custom jokers, and 1 custom back design.
  • Limited to 1,500 decks
      Condition Brand New & Sealed
      Manufacturer United States Playing Card Company, USA
      Produced 2018
      Designed by Natalia Silva, Russia
      Card Material Premium Paper Stock
      Card Finish Air Cushion
      Card Size Standard, Poker Size
      Product Status In-Stock (Australia)
      Collectors Info Out-of-Print
      Only 1500 printed

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      Customer Reviews

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      Calaveras de Azúcar, one of my fav deck in the collection~

      I have to say the Calaveras De Azúcar deck is one of the most unique and beautiful deck i have in my collection at the moment. Love the skull design, love the colour, the mexican "Day of the Dead" festival has always been fascinating me, and this deck reminds me of it when i first saw it.

      Also, thanks for the fast shipping guys, brought a couple decks already and it's always came in before the expected ETA~ keep up the awesome work and keep on getting interesting decks in stock guys :D



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