Charlemagne Playing Cards Luxury Swarovski Crystal Gold Foiled Deck

Charlemagne Playing Cards Luxury Swarovski Crystal Gold Foiled Deck

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This deck from the Russian Federation is a Historical exclusive. Printed by Makwell, the only luxury and quality printer in Russia. The tuck box has gold foil and embossing, playing cards with gold foil and glass diamond on the Tuck Box!

These cards feature an adaptation of artworks from Adolf Losifovich Charlemagne, a Russian painter from the late 1800s of historical, genre and battle scenes. He was also the creator of a popular design for playing cards known as the "Atlas".

In 1862 Charlemagne created the "New Figures" (watercolour). There were no jokers, no aces, and generally these cards were never published or created.

What were originally just sketches, etudes with watercolour in the style of cards from over 150 years ago have now been painstakingly recreated in digital format in honour of A. Charlemagne.

Luxury Deck Features

  • Swarovski crystal embedded in tuck case
  • Gold & Blue foil finishes with embossing on tuck
  • Custom Numbered Seal
  • Gold Foil on all card backs
  • 310gsm finish with a French style master finish
  • Printed in Russia by Makwell

Condition Brand New & Sealed
Brand Makwell, St Petersburg, Russian Federation
Producers / Designers The Russian Playing Card Society (Russcards), Makwell
Card Material Premium Paper Card Stock
Released 2018
Features Gold & Blue Foil on Tuck
Gold Foil on Card Backs
Swarovski Crystal in Tuck
Card Size Standard, Poker Size
54 cards
Product Status In-Stock (Australia)
Collectors Info Out-of-Print, Rare
Printed in a Limited Release

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