Cohort Playing Cards Classics Blue Edition Ellusionist Luxury Pressed E7 Stock

Cohort Playing Cards Classics Blue Edition Ellusionist Luxury Pressed E7 Stock

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This vintage casino style deck was designed with simplicity in mind. From our classic court cards to the nostalgic back design, Cohorts were engineered to look unassuming on the card table or in the hands of a master card mechanic.

  • Each deck comes with 52 cards, 2 jokers, 1 alternate colour double-backer and a duplicate Queen of spades (for obvious magical reasons).

Hidden within the lines of the intricate back design are markings undetectable to the untrained eye. Easily readable for any magician, card mechanic or mentalist out there.

Printed on our brand new luxury pressed E7 stock in a vibrant blue, this is the crushed stock deck you’ve been waiting for. We worked hand-in-hand with Cartamundi to find an answer to ‘Bicycle Crushed' and boy did we deliver!

As an Ellusionist exclusive this is the only place you can get the thinner-stock cards produced with a durable Cartamundi finish.

People often comment on Cartamundi's stock... "Their stock would be perfect if it was just a bit thinner" ... NOW IT IS.

This is one deck that you need to feel to believe.

Condition Brand New & Sealed
Brand Ellusionist
Manufacturer Cartamundi, Belgium
Released 2019
Card Material Premium Paper Stock
E7 Pressed Stock (Thin)
Card Size Standard, Poker Size
Product Status In-Stock (Australia)
Collectors Info In-Print

Thinner stock due to E7 Pressed finish

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they're thin

Great cards. Very thin but still have the great feel of B9 cards. The marking system is easy enough to find but not too easy that people who don't know they are marked will find it.



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