Copag 310 Playing Cards Magic Svengali Edition Made in Europe

Copag 310 Playing Cards Magic Svengali Edition Made in Europe

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The deck can be dribbled or riffled to create the illusion that the deck is completely ordinary. It can even be shuffled. One basic trick involves a spectator choosing a card from the deck and returning it; the card can then appear practically anywhere in the deck, making tricks like the Ambitious Card incredibly simple.

Another use of the deck is to "force" a card - this way, you'll know in advance the exact card that the spectator will choose. You can then either name their card, or have its duplicate appear somewhere else - for example, in an envelope inside your wallet!

The final and most stunning trick is when all the cards are suddenly presented as being all the same as the initially chosen card.

Condition Brand New & Sealed
Brand Copag
Manufacturer Cartamundi, Belgium
Card Material Premium Paper Stock
Card Finish B9 Linen FInish
Card Size Standard, Poker Size
Product Status In-Stock (Australia)
Collectors Info In-Print

Customer Reviews

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Copag 310

14 months ago I couldn't shuffle.
When playing cards with friends this was a somewhat embarrassing thing so on a road trip from Perth to the Stirling ranges I learnt to shuffle.
I don't do cardistry, I just riffle shuffle, it's my version of a fidget spinner.

There are only a handful of different types of cards. The majority being printed by USPCC.
My favourite for feel are the Copags. I have the 310's, COBRA's, A Gaff deck and I love'em because of the way they riffle shuffle.



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