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Middle Kingdom Playing Cards Rare Silver Gold 2 Decks + Coins

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“Middle Kingdom” was used to refer to civilizations around the Yellow River Valley before the empires leading to modern-day China began to form. The two characters in the ideogram for China, 中国, are part of those for Middle Kingdom, 中央王国, so the reference has stood the test of time. The court cards use exquisitely detailed line art of Chinese deities and people, while the card back is a great freehand drawing with interpretations of Chinese lattice borders and, of course, a dragon.

The card back combines a dragon with another famous Chinese element, the Yin-Yang symbol. This symbol represents positive and negative, order and chaos, male and female.

Collectors Set includes:

1 Silver Edition Middle Kingdom Deck
1 Gold Edition Middle Kingdom Deck
1 Gold Dealer Coin (Very Limited)
1 Silver Dealer Coin (Very Limited)

* Coins are numbered, only a small production number were ever produced.

Condition Brand New & Sealed
Brand Skilled Analytics
Manufacturer United States Playing Card Company, USA
Released 2016
Card Material Premium Paper Stock
Card Size Standard, Poker Size
Product Status In-Stock (Australia)
Collectors Info Out-of-Print,
Rare Collector Coins

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