DeckOne Playing Cards Industrial Edition Silver Theory 11

DeckOne Playing Cards Industrial Edition Silver Theory 11

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Playing cards truly unlike anything you've seen before. The first edition sold out in record time. The second (Industrial) edition is still available for a limited time.

The box was redesigned to perfectly showcase Homer's original artistic vision. In fact, the new metallic box resembles the original box after being worn down over several weeks in a jacket pocket - we just wanted to save you the time.

The box is made of paper 25% thicker than the Sentinel tuck case, and they are coated with a durable varnish. These cards protect themselves.
Deck ONE features original illustration by Homer Liwag proudly on the box, the back design, the Jokers, the Ace of Spades, and even each court card. The Kings, Queens, and Jacks exude a unique patina.

The cards are printed on a Premium Air Cushioned Premium Paper Stock deck by the United States Playing Card Company.

Condition Brand New & Sealed
Brand Theory 11
Manufacturer United States Playing Card Company, USA
Card Finish Air Cushion
Card Material Premium Paper Stock
Card Size Standard, Poker Size
Product Status In-Stock (Australia)
Collectors Info In-Print


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