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Customer Reviews

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An Artistic Endeavour, Nice for Cardistry Training!

I was a bit confused when I first got them in the mail (3 days after ordering!! 😲👍) but there is a lot of value in this deck for an amateur Cardist like myself.

The Back Design is One-way, forcing me to put extra effort into realigning each packet before closing - they Fan most impressively One-way as well, again forcing me to align them correctly. Also, I have to put extra effort into "how" I catch the Aerials too because of all this.

I honestly thought these were massive design oversights at first - but I totally appreciate them now for making me improve my technique. I am still disappointed in the Standard Number Cards though, a bit of creativity there would have gotten that last star!

I'm no good at rating Stock or Finish yet, but they feel really thin and light - easy to spring, difficult (for me) to do Packet Cuts with... my Rating is based entirely on the Aesthetics and how they affected my use of the Cards.

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