Joker and the Thief Playing Cards Blood Red Edition V2 Made in USA

Joker and the Thief Playing Cards Blood Red Edition V2 Made in USA

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The original Joker and the Thief Playing Cards design returns for a third and final instalment. Now dressed in a handsome blood red colorway and peppered with lavish gold foil.

Complete with a stunning tuck box, a striking seal, metallic inks, charismatic face cards, and an iconic Ace of Spades. The Blood Red Edition brings the original deck's mythology full circle.

First there was the darkness. Contrasting this, our second deck came from the light. Now we present the blood that ties each character in our symbolic tale together.

Created with a durable premium casino grade stock and coupled with Classic finish. Encapsulating this Blood Red Edition is a tuck box composed of luxurious imported red dyed paper. Hot stamped with dazzling gold foil. Heavily embossed, then capped with a gorgeous perforated seal.

  • Unique Seals for each deck, to make each deck distinguishable.

  • Perforated seals for ease of access! No more knives or tearing. Press. Pull. Open. Easy!

  • The original midnight blue deck had printed foil on the interior and led to fraying on the interior flap. It flaked off and look terrible. All of the new decks will utilise the most luxurious premium dyed papers and will feature hot stamped letter pressing for the foil.

  • Premium satin finish foil, because the original decks were so bright and reflective you had to wear sunglasses! Oh and the colours are going to be WAY richer, adding more contrast to each box and making the design pop!

  • Due to the box construction, one or two cards wouldn't go back into the box. Totally annoying! With the USPCC box set up, there's no worries.

  • Made in the USA! There's no better way. Taiwan just didn't quite cut it. The best is the U.S!
    Condition Brand New & Sealed
    Brand Joker and the Thief
    Manufacturer United States Playing Card Company, USA
    Card Material Premium Paper Stock
    Metallic inks
    Card Size Standard, Poker Size
    Product Status In-Stock (Australia)
    Collectors Info Out-Of-Print

    The original versions were my by EPCC, Taiwan which had issues with the tuck box, these V2 by USPCC have fixed and upgraded the deck.

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