Knight NPCCD 2018 National Playing Card Collection Day Rare GILDED Deck

Knight NPCCD 2018 National Playing Card Collection Day Rare GILDED Deck

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To celebrate the 3rd National Playing Card Collection Day (Oct 17th), Seasons released these amazing Chess themed cards. Focusing on an alternative perspective, this 'Knight' Edition features the following:

  • Hand Gilded Edition (Holographic Colours)
  • 3D (changing) artwork and viewer cards included
  • Extremely Limited, only 500 were produced
  • Hand numbered
  • Side opening tuck case

These decks represent how we see the art of card collecting - beautifully unique, consistently dynamic, and authentically yours.

The decks are designed to compel and test the boundaries of the playing card world to keep our art consistently growing. They're kept at small runs not because of artificial limits, but because they're handcrafted, side stepping the industrial world of automation in favour of a more authentic handmade piece of art for your collection.

Playing Card Collection Day celebrates the collection of one of the oldest forms of portable art (circa 1200s). Playing cards are literal galleries of art and inspiration. Show our support and claim this Limited deck for your own collection today.

Condition Brand New & Sealed
Brand Seasons
Manufacturer United States Playing Card Company, USA
Released 2018
Card Material Premium Paper Stock
Card Size Standard, Poker Size
Tuck Case Embossed with Silver Foil
Matt Black tuck box finish
Product Status In-Stock (Australia)
Collectors Info Out-of-Print, Rare

Only 500 were made, hand numbered and no re-prints.

This is one of the three editions that was hand gilded

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