Outlaw Collectors Heavy-Duty Silver Coin Playing Card Guard Poker

Outlaw Collectors Heavy-Duty Silver Coin Playing Card Guard Poker

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Outlaw is a premium, 100% custom designed deck with a bad attitude and big cojones. Inspired by the wild, ride or die attitude of rebel motorcycle clubs.

I got hooked exploring the notorious world and iconic culture of these rule-breaking road warriors and began a mission to create one of the most bad ass decks of playing cards on the planet.

A savage, no-holds-barred design that captured the authentic, uncaged outlaw spirit and the fierce freedom these born-to-ride rebels live for.

~ Creator: Lee McKenzie

  • A vicious, custom-edged bordered back design, it's authentic to its outlaw core. A rebel design that strikes fear into the squares of society, it's a wild ride of a back design.

  • Official Merchandise - Heavy-Duty Silver Coin
    The Ultimate Memento, the Outlaw Poker Card Guard / Coin is one serious piece of work. 3mm thick and a fat 2-inches wide. Made in the USA.
Condition Brand New & Sealed
Kings & Crooks
Lee McKenzie
Production Date 2018
Product Status In-Stock (Australia)
Collectors Info Out-of-Print, these were only produced during the Kickstarter project.

Lee McKenzie, based in Perth, WA, he created some of the world renowned Ellusionist decks such as Arcane, Infinity and Artifice and has now released his own series ... Outlaw.


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