Playing Card Carat Case Empty Clear Strong Acrylic ~ Holds 5 Decks

Playing Card Carat Case Empty Clear Strong Acrylic ~ Holds 5 Decks

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Introducing the Carat X5, the Ultimate in Playing Card Protection and Display. Now you can give your valued decks the treatment they deserve and encase them in one of these amazing creations.

Premium Features

  • Holds 5 decks of cards
  • 5mm Acrylic, super clear gloss finish (looks like glass)
  • Smoothed and bevelled edges
  • Neodymium magnets (10 times stronger than normal magnets)
  • Easy slid on/off lid cover
  • Rubber pad stickers to prevent scratches
  • Two 5mm inserts and Three 3mm inserts are provided to act as separators between decks

Available in other sizes and Bundled Discounts, see our store for current stock.

Condition Brand New
Brand Carat Case Creations (TM)
Case Material Acrylic
Case Features Super Clear Gloss finish
10 Neodymium Magnets
Smooth Bevelled edges
Rubber pad stickers
Capacity Standard, Poker Size deck x5
Product Status In-Stock (Australia)
Collectors Info Carat X5

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Customer Reviews

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I purchased two of these cases for my wife as she has a modest collection and wanted to display them. The decks look so good in these cases that I am considering getting myself some. I have way too many decks to make them a feasible storage solution but for a few choice sets, they are simply perfect.



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