Ragnarok Playing Cards Collectors Set ~ 2 Decks + Booklet + Alphabet

Ragnarok Playing Cards Collectors Set ~ 2 Decks + Booklet + Alphabet

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What this Limited Collectors Set includes:
- 1x Jormungand deck (sealed)
- 1x Fenris deck (sealed)
- 1x Companion Booklet
- 1x Alphabet Card

► Norse theme designed in Denmark, Scandinavia
► Silver/copper foiled, embossed tuck boxes
► Special, solid tuck stocks
► Silver/copper foiled tuck interiors
► 100% unique pips & courts illustrated in hand
► Intricate tuck seals, numbered individually
► Silver/copper metallic inks for card backs
► 57 poker sized playing cards (52 cards + 2 jokers + 3 bonus cards)
► Printed by NPCC with premium linen finish

The solid tuck boxes of Ragnarok are manufactured with hot stamped silver & copper foil and deep, embossed artwork on alle sides. Both with a tuck seal applied and actual futhark runes. Manufactured with exclusive tuck stocks that are sure to honor the gods of Valhalla!

The court cards feature legendary viking deities and monsters (jötnar) of norse mythology. Illustrations are drawn in hand by professional artist Nicolai Aarøe. All characters are named in their danish form for the sake of authenticity.

Jormungand deck is embossed silver foil, inspired by the norse mammen art style. The blue tint represents the ocean while the serpent is set in silver to represent shiny fish scales. Runes on the front say 'ORMEN' in Danish (meaning The Serpent).

Fenris deck is embossed copper foil, inspired by the norse ringerike art style. The golden glow represents the wolf fur engulfed in flames of rage as Fenris is breaking free of his chains. Runes on the front say 'ULVEN' in Danish (meaning The Wolf).

Companion Booklet
The 'Ragnarok - Fall of The Gods' is a companion and factoid booklet with background insight on the norse apocalypse and the 13 legends involved with Ragnarok Playing Cards. One spread per court card with the hand illustrations in a larger, un-cropped format. Bonus: cover artwork now printed with silver foil!

Alphabet Card
The mini futhark alphabet will help you translate all runic texts used in both our Midgard and Ragnarok project. The artwork is manufactured with runes and frame in shiny silver foil.
Condition Brand New & Sealed
Designer Nicolai Aaroe
Manufacturer Noir Arts Playing Cards Company, Ukraine
Released 2018
Card Material Premium Paper Stock
Card Finish Metallic Inks
Card Size Standard, Poker Size
Product Status In-Stock (Australia)
Features Numbered Sticker Seal
Collectors Info Out-of-Print
Booklet and Alphabet are limited edition items.

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