Super Bees Playing Cards White & Gold Edition deck by Ellusionist

Super Bees Playing Cards White & Gold Edition deck by Ellusionist

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Super Bees: The radioactive return of the Killer Bees arch-nemesis. For the first time ever, they feature vibrant white stock and metallic Gold-backs. Meanwhile still heroically helping to save the dwindling bee population.

Without Bees humans would cease to exist. They are silent heroes dedicated to pollinating our lands and expect nothing in return. Their purpose should not be to serve us, but they do it.

That's why Ellusionist is wearing the cape today. Promising 10% of profits of all Super Bees decks sold to IUCN and local Bee charities that need us most.

Since starting the fund with Killer Bee Playing Cards, we've raised over $30,000, but that's not enough. Together, we can do more. That's where Super Bees come to the rescue.

Featuring Cartamundi B9 white card stock, with true linen finish and metallic gold ink, this feels like the special edition comic book that's worth a million times more in 10 years.

Gold backs share the same hexagonal design made infamous by the Killer Bee deck, while the box is a premium stock, ivory white with gold foil detail.

Every Villain needs a Hero. Jump in and heed the call. Get your 'Super' Bees today!

      Condition Brand New & Sealed
      Brand Ellusionist
      Manufacturer (Tuck)
      Manufacturer (Cards)
      United States Playing Card Company, USA

      Catramundi, Belgium
      Produced 2018
      Card Material Premium Paper Stock
      B9 Card Stock
      Metallic Gold Ink
      Card Size Standard, Poker Size
      Product Status In-Stock (Australia)
      Collectors Info In-Print

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      I really appreciated the same day shipping. It just showed how efficient Buyworthy was with sending the items out as quickly as they could.


      Excellent quality, fast delivery


      Super Bees Playing Cards White & Gold Edition deck by Ellusionist

      An absolute steal

      Opened them up and immediately fell in love with them, even before the first buttery smooth faro.

      Compared to USPC, Carticumndi's "true linen finish" absolutely knocks it out of the park, at least on the out-of-box and in the hands of an amateur like me. Soft to the touch and slides like butter on a hot pan, being almost unwieldy at first. For the listed price, they're an absolute steal - especially compared to the 'normal' Copag decks.

      The back design is absolutely gorgeous. The face design is of similar quality, being minimalistic with custom golden pips packed tightly in the center of the card and traditional-themed custom court cards in a line-work style. The only ace with custom art is, of course, the ace of spades which is also featured as part of the tuck. My only complaint with the cards is that the red, for the corner indicators, is a little dark and might be hard to tell at a glance without good lighting.

      For the quality, price and style, I'm honestly considering looking into getting my hands on a brick.

      Love them

      Nice cards good quality handle really well



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