Russian National Playing Cards Artwork from 1900s by Nikolay Karazin

Russian National Playing Cards Artwork from 1900s by Nikolay Karazin

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  • Russian Bridge size 56 x 90 mm 36 card deck (+4 bonus cards included)

Nikolay Nikolaevich Karazin (Russian: Николай Николаевич Каразин; born 1842, Kharkov, Russian Empire — died 1908, Gatchina, Russian Empire) was a Russian military officer, painter and writer.

He is mostly known for his paintings depicting wars and exotic places. As a military officer he participated in the campaign against the January Uprising in Poland (1864), and the military campaigns in Turkestan (1864–1870). In 1871 he retired from the military service but as a military correspondent and illustrator he took part in the Russo-Turkish War, 1877–1878 with Serbian and Russian armies.

For his military service he was awarded the Order of St. Vladimir and a gold sword. He painted many large canvases devoted to battles and especially military actions in Turkestan. He was a prolific book illustrator and one of the most notable authors of the postcards.

Condition Brand New & Sealed
Publisher Aleksey Orleansky, Russia
Produced 2018
Card Material Premium Paper Cardstock
Card Size Bridge 56x90mm
36 Cards +4 Bonus Cards
Product Status In-Stock (Australia)
Collectors Info Out-of-Print, Rare
Russian style 36 card deck

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