Styx Playing Cards Butterfly Skull Deck Earth & Underworld

Styx Playing Cards Butterfly Skull Deck Earth & Underworld

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Now groundbreaking card designer Nick Vlow and celebrated magician Eric Ross have created a new, Bicycle-branded deck inspired by this famous myth, and the Styx Death’s Head moth (Acherontia styx) that bears its name. The card backs feature a detailed rendering of the moth, with its haunting, famous skull motif, and the custom jokers and ace of spades bear funereal imagery of their own.

It is the dark river that waits for us all, the boundary between Earth and the Underworld. The grim ferryman Charon watches here in an endless vigil. If your loved ones have buried you with a coin in your mouth for payment, you may be transported across upon your death—if not, you may be stranded to wander its shore forever.

Condition Brand New & Sealed
Manufacturer United States Playing Card Company, USA
Production Date 2017
Card Material Plastic Coated Paper
Card Size Standard, Poker Size
Product Status In-Stock (Australia)
Collectors Info Out-of-Print

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