The Kelly Gang Playing Cards Australian Such is Life 2-Deck set

The Kelly Gang Playing Cards Australian Such is Life 2-Deck set

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Travel back in time to the wild colonial days of outback Australia. Using this deck will feel as though the Kelly Gang is back! 

This set Includes:

  • 2 Decks (Kelly Gang Limited Edition)

Premium Deck Features:

  • Step back in time to 19th century colonial Australia
  • Gold foil on the tuck case with inner printing
  • 310gsm premium German linen stock
  • Custom tuck box seal sticker
  • Extra cards including a double backer, info card and Ned Kelly portrait

From a time when European civilization was only starting to take hold in outback Australia, Ned Kelly and the Kelly Gang waged war on property and all the props of civilization - police, bankers, squatters, teachers, preachers, the railway and the electric telegraph.

The villains of the deck are the four members of the Kelly Gang. These original illustrations capture the youthful, destructive urges of the four outlaws, and each design captures a unique element of their outlaw character. The outlaws' weapons are based on the weapons of choice of the actual Kelly Gang.

The Jokers' design pays specific homage to two characters, the outlaw Ned in the now famous suit of armour from his last stand at Glenrowan, and his remarkable mother Ellen, who outlived convict transportation to Australia and 7 of her 12 children.

Ned Kelly's famous Metal Armour is arguably one of the most iconic images of modern Australian history. The actual suit of armour is on display in the State Library of Victoria, Australia.

As for the artist -- the court cards, in fact all the cards, are original designs by the talented up-and-coming designer, Erik Suswanto.

Collector notes:
c. 2018, Out-of-print, 2-deck set

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