Twisted Artistry 1st Edition Playing Cards Art is Life deck

Twisted Artistry 1st Edition Playing Cards Art is Life deck

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Twisted Artistry launched August 22, 2015. Three years earlier, I shattered my right hand and was told by my doctors that I would NEVER regain full functionality of it again. I made it my obsession to prove them wrong. At that time in 2012, I stumbled upon Daniel Madison. His story felt a lot like my own so I pushed myself with cards like I had never done before my hand broke. Extensive stretching of my hand past its limits ultimately led to an extremely loud snapping sound in my hand one afternoon. All of a sudden I was able to bend my fingers more, but I didn't stop there. I pushed and pushed until my hands were better than they were before they broke.

I mention all that to say this -- I got into magic and it didn't save my life; it opened doors for me to create an entirely NEW life.

This deck of cards, when I hold it in my hands, represents all the struggles I went through over the years. It represents the beauty of life, the beauty of recovery and simply put, the beauty of magic.

  • Custom Jokers 'The Kicker' with reveals
  • Custom Court colors
  • Full bleed gambling design
  • King of Spades (Terry Ady creator) and King of Diamonds (Daniel Schneider Illustrator)
  • Poker card (Used to show the custom Twisted Artistry Stack developed by Terry Ady)
  • Custom Ace of Spadesthat has the Twisted Artistry motto, "Ars Gratia Artis"
  • Custom matte tuck finish (unlike any tuck I've ever experienced. Thick, durable and stunning to the touch.)
  • First edition
      Condition Brand New & Sealed
      Brand Twisted Artistry
      Manufacturer Cartamundi, Belgium
      Production Date 2019
      Card Material Premium Paper Stock
      Linen B9
      Card Size Standard, Poker Size
      Product Status In-Stock (Australia)
      Collectors Info Out-of-Print

      2500 printed

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