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Buyworthy:Vaudeville Playing Cards Act 1 Blue Crown Edition Rare Deck Magic Brand New

Vaudeville Playing Cards Act 1 Blue Crown Edition Rare Deck Magic Brand New

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Vaudeville Deck (Act I): Paying tribute to a bygone era!
Some of the world’s most talented and influential magicians came out of the Vaudeville era. It was a time of creativity and variety that captured the imaginations of audiences around the world. Legends such as Houdini, Alexander, Carter, and Thurston graced stages adorned with rich red curtains and worked their miracles.

Custom Faces. Custom Backs. Custom Everything.
Designed from the ground up over the course of 10 months, the Vaudeville Deck features 100% custom artwork that pays tribute to the great magicians of yesteryear. The faces have an aged, vintage look, with each King being modeled after a famous Vaudeville-era magician. The Jacks and Queens pay tribute to antique fashion styles. Even the pips have been created from scratch with a stylish curtain theme! The crystal ball from the back design is seamlessly integrated into the Ace of Spades, which has an intricate and ornate design that’s reminiscent of a fine antique. The tuck case is a work of art by itself, featuring our custom Vaudeville logo, an eye-popping color scheme, precise embossing, and gold foil accents.

- 100% custom artwork
- Bright and vibrant design
- Kings modelled after Houdini, Thurston, Carter, and Alexander
- Premium stock and finish
- Bonus double-backed reveal card

Card Material:   Premium Plastic Coated Paper
Manufactured:   U.S.A.

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